France 2007

“I’ll go to Iceland on one condition, Tom, we go to France in April,” I repined last August. Well, I went to Iceland. (Actually, it was quite wonderful.) But it’s April now and I want to go to France! So, we leave tomorrow at daybreak for almost three weeks of Paris, Alsace, the French Alps, Provence and a quick trip on the ‘bullet-fast’ train TGV to Brussels, Belgium. As usual I will be posting images and words of our exploits. Stay tuned…

April 11-12, 2007

The great memory of the flight over the pond was not the cuisine, to be sure. It was my great good fortune to be sitting next to Charles (pr. “Charl”) and his lovely femme, Monique. They were Belgians, no less. And smart-ass Tom had to ask them whether they had ever met Hercule Poirot. “Sadly, no,” Charles said, “he’s dead now.” We arrived in Paris in the bleary dawn, just like every other trip to Europe. We arrived by bus at our “Splendid Etoile” Hotel (never has the word “splendid” been so overtaxed) and found the courage to nap and then walk around the City of Lights. Jet lag was not our friend and we limped, Tom nearly in tears, to an unlikely bistro where Tom tried the patience of the waiter and mangeld the language of the Enlightenment. Then the sleep of the dead. Ce tout.

road sign.jpg

April 24/25, 2007

The abbreviated version of the last two day goes something like this - Drove from Avignon to Paris in eight hours. Tom freaked out while driving in Paris to return rental car. Asked for wake-up call next morning for 5:30am to catch TGV to Brussels. Missed wake-up call and train to Brussels. Bought new tickets for 150.00 euro to get to Brussels. Spent day wandering streets of Brussels. Back to Paris by 8:30pm. Showered. Dined at bistro, like real Parisians - 10:30 pm. Fell asleep by midnight. Return to States tomorrow. Au revoir et bonne chance, France.